Are we in the bear market yet? : altcoin


According to research, there are over 18,000 different cryptocurrencies in the crypto market as of March 2022, with BTC being the top cryptocurrency. Many crypto initiatives make use of blockchain technology to solve problems that we face in our modern society, while others are just shitcoins fuelled by hype & now that the bear market is on us, will all these existing crypto survive the crash?

Naaaaaah, only real assets with real use cases, strong fundamentals, experienced team, and outstanding partnerships/collaborations with a large community will survive, while looking for coins with such characteristics that can withstand the bear market, I came across the XPRESS token.

XPRESS is the native token of CryptoXpress; a platform that strives to bridge the crypto-finance gap in order to increase crypto adoption.

In summary, CryptoXpress is a super App with multi functions ranging from;

DeFi staking

NFT Marketplace

Fiat transaction(EUR/GBP) deposit/withdrawal and more.

The ongoing staking pools offers both a 54% APY for the old pool for 3 months & a 95% APY for the new pool for 6 months.

CryptoXpress is partnering with many renowned crypto projects like;



Travala (Accepts XPRESS as payment for flight/accomodation)

Bitrefil(Accepts XPRESS as payment for gift cards/co.)

It also has in their white paper a burning mechanism, to buy back and burn off 35% of the total 10M total supply of their token before February 2026.

They also have plans to launch their Visa/Master card this Q2, other plans are yet to be unveiled by the team which we’re waiting to be revealed soon.

From my view, I think this project will not only survive the bear market, but will also have a 50x potentials, and I’m going all in to bag as much as possible.

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