‘Bitcoin in Cowboy County’ — New Documentary to Feature Gas-to-Bitcoin Mining Solutions in Central Wyoming


According to the bitcoin mining operation and mining rig reseller, Compass Mining, a replacement documentary is being released that covers the bitcoin mining operations in central WY. The documentary, known as “Bitcoin in Cowboy County: Wyoming’s Powder stream Miners,” premiered at the Empower Conference in Houston, Texas, on March 31.

Compass Mining and JAI Energy to Premiere Bitcoin Mining Documentary at Empower Conference in Texas

A new documentary is setting out that’s focused round the subject of bitcoin mining and its relationship with the oil and gas business in WY. The documentary is being aired by Compass Mining and can feature the bitcoin energy solutions supplier JAI Energy. “[The film] showcases however JAI Energy is harnessing excess energy from oil gas production to make money out of otherwise wasted resources,” an announcement from Compass Mining sent to Bitcoin.com News explains.

The announcement notes that JAI Energy was specifically engineered to “mine and supply bitcoin mining services for applications involving stranded, flared, and poor economic gas streams.” The corporation incorporates a mining facility situated within the state of WY in Casper, and also the operation is featured within the picture show. per Compass Mining, the  Wyoming is wherever all production of JAI Energy’s mining knowledge centers takes place. William Foxley, the director of the documentary and content director at Compass Mining, said the team is “excited to inform JAI Energy’s story.”

“Natural gas has such a lot of benefits for bitcoin mining. JAI associated alternative miners produce prices off an otherwise wasted resource,” Foxley explained in an exceedingly statement. “With the documentary, we wished to humanise the Bitcoin mining business by transporting the viewer to the scene of action. Bitcoin mining is revolutionizing the long run of the oil and gas business in Wyoming state, and we are lucky enough to point out it initially on tape.”

The documentary follows the news that was leaked last week that noted Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE: XOM) was operating in ND piloting a gas-to-bitcoin mining program with Crusoe Energy Solutions. Additionally to corporations like Crusoe Energy and JAI Energy, alternative corporations like Upstream knowledge, Greenidge Generation, and EZ Blockchain give gas-to-bitcoin services additionally. A CNBC report highlights that ExxonMobil and Crusoe Energy are removing over ten million cubic feet of alkane gas per day by mining bitcoin (BTC).

“At Compass, we wish to create bitcoin mining accessible to everybody. We tend to love that JAI Energy is providing an innovative answer to issues within the oil and gas business by capturing increasing gas, changing the gas into electricity, and manufacturing bitcoin off the stranded energy,” remarked scintilla chemist, the CEO of Compass Mining.

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