Collect the Internet in Art! MEM : altcoin


I think this is a NFT project that you should really check out. Virtually every website on the internet can be a collectible NFT card! They are already onboarding verified artists and allowing people to get their cards signed as well.

I see much potential for this. The card designs are really beautiful and unique. There’s also a rarity system and new website launches happening every few weeks. You can marble from celebrity tweets all the way to historical icons on Wikipedia.

What are Marble Cards?

Marble Cards is a site where you can choose links from a multitude of websites and “Marble” them into your collection. Marbling is encompassing a picture from a website inside a randomly generated card of abundant colors. This quick article will be going over why you should take a look at Marble.Cards, which I think has the potential to emerge as a prominent scene of art in the future of crypto.

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