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From r/diamondhedge, DD from Infamous_Sympathy_91

Many of you have been waiting ages for my next investment call, and I’ve worked very hard to make sure I do not disappoint! Feel free to share my DD in any other subreddit or social media platform to raise awareness.


24h Trading Volume on MXC: only 87,603 USDT

24h Trading Range: $25-$28.267

Market Cap: $26m (Audius was $27m when I first called them, it hit an ATH of $580m)

Investors: Binance, LD Capital, Paka, Spark Digital Capital, Nabais Capital, M6, DU Capital, JRR Capital.

Partners: Chainlink, Moonbeam, Opensea, Maker, Binance Smart Chain, Matic, Treasureland etc…

I got in at $25 today for $25k so far invested. Seeking price target of $500 (20x on $26m mcap to $520m in less than 8 weeks). Likely they will be listed on Binance around $125m mcap or sooner. It’s Alt Season now so they may increase quicker OR ath may be higher OR both. Remember Audius took nearly 4 weeks to double from my 22 cent call then it exploded to $4.99. Price increases are not linear.

Recall, I developed a deep learning assisted bot to search the internet and work out which of these 1000s of silly coins will gain. CWS/USDT also popped up as another prime candidate gaining the traction metrics leading to organic big gains over the next few months. Add in a coordinated HODL at this volume level and you have a 20x-er. Untouched it has reached $50 by itself, uncorrelated generally to BTC, so its a prime alt season huge upswing candidate. Technicals also show a quick fib retracement to $50 within the next 2 weeks or sooner with good buying activity. No one was keeping track of what I said with Audius, this time, it may be different?

Special Considerations: Becoming the STEAM game distribution platform for DeFi is a much more realistic proposition than becoming a massive AAA-game developer such as the Activision of DeFi, we are years away from seeing anything like that. I’ve overseen game production in my past and it’s a tough business! Delays happen all the time, and its ends up being expensive and taking much longer than anticipated (even if you x2 or x3 your most conservative time length expectations). Much better to be the picker and chooser of great games. I also have contacts at Supercell (who made the great Clash of Clans) and I will hook these guys up. I spent the last few days talking to the founder of Seascape and drilled him for information and believe they are on the right track.

Like Audius, this is a coin with a website that the GENERAL PUBLIC CAN UNDERSTAND with a product that can be used now, granted they only have a few games, they are developing their blockchain to make it very cost effective and scalable for much bigger game titles to use them as their in-game coin economy partner, even if they have better distribution than seascape now. Seascape is an in-game economy technology partner first and foremost. They are doing the hard stuff, unlike Ultra, so that they later this year become the distribution partner of choice for DeFi game titles. Ultra is just steam with tokens and they are already around $250m market cap right now, so you see, Seascape could blow them out of the water!

SEE BELOW FOR COMPETITOR ANALYSIS for when Seascape was JUST $528k mcap at a $10m private investor valuation (when they first listed – they caught up to that private investor valuation within weeks and that was picked up by my crypto bot – very sorry for the few weeks lag, my bot still needs to crunch data, still working out how to find gems right when they first list but that’s an extremely hard thing to do!!)

However, as with Audius, I hope another 20x is good enough, BUT I picked this up much sooner than Audius after listing so 30x is my hopium target although I don’t want to be too bold. I am seeking $750 take profit if this one keeps rising strongly after surpassing $500.

NFTs: 25,000 NFTs minted on BSC and millions of dollars dropped to users through their LP mining game. Increase in its NFT economy alone could add an extra $50m-$100m to its mcap over the next few months.


Remember: this is a Reddit post, it is NOT financial advice, dispense your loads where ever you wish after doing your own DD and research and maybe throwing a dart at a wall. YOLO. I’m packing up to Mars. Audius already got us to the Moon! (x20 on x20 is x400).


pCWS is the bridged version of CWS (the currency of Seascape on ETH) on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Users can bridge from ETH to BSC using bridge. 1 CWS = 1 pCWS as they are completely interchangeable. Here’s a walk-through of Polybridge:

Investors Verification:


  2. (under NFT portfolio companies)



  5. (Nabais Capital)



High number of coins in a few wallets:

Audius had a similar position where 84% of coins were held in 2 wallets. Seascape’s token release schedule is structured to cause growth in their ecosystem and corresponding growth in their price to mitigate future inflation effects. Essentially new games will be backed by newly released CWS acting as collateral for newly minted game coin economies generated on the Seascape blockchain. This means, as a new game grows its user base and its in game economy grows in value, those additionally released CWS should in effect pay for themselves mitigating inflation effects. Interestingly, Audius had a similar reason for releasing new coins, i.e. to attract new artists, and it grew from $27m mcap to an ath of $580m.

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