$DIRTY – New all time high already up x4


Guys I posted about DIRTY approximately 24 hrs ago and look at the chart it’s already 2x: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/dirty-finance

It’s still super early with a super low market cap. Jump in while you guys can! It’s literally the only coin on the market that gives you passive income from hentai NFTs AND all the usual tokenomics. It’s literally going to 10x after the next few listings

$DIRTY – Just got listed on Coingecko, CMC within the next week

$DIRTY – Hentai NFT’s rewarded to holders for passive income. 5% Tax – 2% Burn, 2% Redist, 1% Regen. – First NFT’s will be released within 72 Hours to all holders above 100m

owner doxxed Audit completed Liquidity Locked for 69 years Coinsbit listed tokpie listed Holders rewarded with 2% redistribution 2% Burn make $DIRTY scarcer 1% Regeneration Tax for Listing and NFT’s 12 days old Passive income with niche market NFT’s even distribution of coins Literally can not be a rugpull

Bibox listing is the next one dirty is going for, 1.5billion dollar volume for 24hrs average. This will be huge! Asian market too, mix that with hentai

First 690 dirty finance Minted NFT’s will be for holders (100m+, currently $370) for free on there website, they have a video showing in telegram and Twitter how this will be done. Get in now before that 100m is $1000 to reach!

Dirty Finance is a ERC20 token (available Only on uniswap and Coinsbit) called $DIRTY. Holders of the token will be rewarded with Hentai NFT’s providing them with a passive income, whilst building up interest in there tokens with 2% redistribution. 2% of each transaction is burnt, so holders are rewarded because there market share goes up. 1% reinvestment to pay for exchange listings and NFT production. It is a sustainable model that really could go further than the moon! Hentai market is massive and they have unrivalled competition for the share at this moment.

1 Trillion minted – 50% billion burnt – 28% presale (sold at listing price and capped to 1% per person) – 15% liquidity – 7% devs. (7 days in 22b+ have been burnt and redistributed, that’s 4.5% of starting supply!)

If you come on telegram @billywizz or search billy wizz on YouTube you can see the creator. He has the reinvestment fund so best thing for him is to push the token as hard as he can and make best NFT’s He can whilst drawing a wage. Liquidity is locked for 69 years as a promotional ploy, So he had no intention of ever pulling out, so why not?

$DIRTY holders will be rewarded many ways, but the passive income through high quality Hentai NFT is where we will shine on a niche market. Different artist will do different sets. We know that we need to make the Hentai NFT’s as beautiful and scarce as they can, and they will be. We completely understand that this will be integral to our success

They set up a tiered system to reward holders of certain hooding milestone. The bigger holders will be rewarded more, to incentivise buying more. Giving them a bigger passive income. They are looking to introduce staking and lp staking on the website, when you stake $DIRTY you will get back ‘dirty cash’ a in-house currency. ‘Dirty cash’ can be used to redeem the rarest Hentai NFT’s. Lp staking will bring in more dirty cash as you will be helping $DIRTY more, and is riskier.

$DIRTY has commisioned 4 artist already to do 24 pieces of work. The star rating will show rareness of a NFT and will also represent how naked and ride the NFT is. 1* will be fully clothed, 6* will be sexual scenes. At the start really classy cards will be the main NFT source but 3D modelling of hentai will also produced soon after. We will be hoping to attract well renowned artists as soon as possible.

Within 15 days this token has achieved what most do in the first month and is not slowing down with bibox listing in the talking. Buy now or miss out on a real token with passive income and utility. Still waiting for cmc too , so expect a pump when they go live Links


Website: www.dirty.finance Telegram: https://t.me/DIRTYFIN Chart: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0xcdc477f2ccff2d8883067c9f23cf489f2b994d00 Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/address/0x4fab740779c73aa3945a5cf6025bf1b0e7f6349c Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?slippage=7&outputCurrency=0x4faB740779C73aA3945a5CF6025bF1b0e7F6349C Medium: https://dirtyfinance.medium.com/dirty-finance-the-hentai-nft-takeover-81f578406bb1

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