Dozens of ‘Amicus Briefs’ Filed in Ripple’s Support, Forces SEC to Demand Further Extensions of Set Deadlines


As expected, the US Securities and Exchange Commission has recently requested the court to extend all the slated deadlines.

In a November 3rd letter to US District-Court Judge Analisa Torres, the SEC has requested that because they have to file the responses to all the ‘amicus brief’ filings, submitted by Ripple partners in firm’s support, all the lawsuit deadlines must be extended.

At the time initial ‘amicus brief’ requests were filed with the court, Ripple had agreed to SEC’s demand for further time. Considering that, it will only require Judge Analisa Torres’ formal order for SEC to get the additional time, given to the agency for filing responses.

As per the letter, the deadline for SEC to submit reply briefs, that was previously slated for November 15th should now be extended to November 30th. Whereas the date for briefing to determine the redactions to be made to reply briefs are also to be extended from November 18th to December 2nd.

Likewise, the deadline for submitting public redacted reply briefs is to be postponed from November 21 to December 05. In addition, the deadline filing of collective motions to seal all proposed redactions for all summary judgement material is now scheduled to end on December 22.

Lastly, the deadline for SEC’s response to be filed to omnibus motions, is also being extended to January 9th from December 22nd and according to the agency’s letter all the ‘amicus briefs’ from Ripple supporters must be filed by November 11th.

It is notable that starting from I-Remit and TapJets, there are 12 companies that have already filed amicus brief requests with the country, the most recent of which is Veri DAO LLC. Bringing the filings to attention, Ripple’s lead Counsel Stuart Alderoty stated that the ‘amicus briefs’ from independent entities shows how wrong the agency truly is.

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