Dynex (DNX) Seems to be the Most GPU Mined Coin at the Moment



Dynex (DNX) has gone a long way since we initially covered it as a new project to check out back in 2022 and now looking at the recent Hive OS Linux Mining OS statistics about what coins and algorithms are the most mined among the users of that mining operating system it is on the top with 22%. This is a very similar result to what KASPA (KAS) has achieved prior the ASIC miners started becoming available and making the GPU mining pointless anymore. During that time DNX was in the 1-2% of that statistics and now it is on top and is one of the very few GPU minable coins that is currently on profit to mine after you pay for electricity. And the project itself has come a long way and now feels much more serious and works much more stable and issue free for anyone and development is just starting to fire up.

So, is Dynex (DNX) going to follow in the footsteps of KASPA and become the preferred coin to be mined by most GPU miners… in fact it is already there and we are seeing strong indications that it might be there for a while, making it the next strong project to support GPU mining. And the project itself is doing quite well providing actual computing power for things that might actually be useful and help everyone in the future, though that is still yet to be seen, but there is a big potential there just waiting to be fully tapped into. We’ve been waiting for something like that since the early days of crypto, a project that can actually utilize the vast GPU network’s power for useful computations besides just supporting the network’s backbone.

Anyway, if you still haven’t deep diven into the Dynex (DNX) project and you are into GPU mining or crypto, then you might want to do so now. And miners should take a look at how to efficiently dual-mine Dynex (DNX) and Zilliqa (ZIL) with SRBMiner-Multi 2.3.7 for maximum profit.

Take a look at the full Hive OS network statistics for more insights…

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