First Crypto to Enter Food Industry $UPL : altcoin

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Yes, you did read that right. You’re probably thinking, how the heck would a crypto enter the food industry? Quite easily honestly. Let’s think about how big brands acquire large amounts of capital. Traditionally, after a bit of success they go and do an IPO. This is an extensive and expensive process. What’s an easier, cheaper and interesting new solution? Launching the brand via crypto. Does everyone remember when the brand Coca Cola put peoples names on the bottle for their “Share a Coke” campaign? People who didn’t even drink Coke went and bought the bottle of Coke that had their name on it. Now imagine being a part of a new niche crypto that one day through existing industry connections in pickle farming, you’ll not only have in your crypto wallet but also see on shelves. Which brand will you choose? The crypto launched in late December and aggressive marketing (Targeted Emails, PooCoin Ads, AMA’s and influencer posts) start this week. The marketing team are fully doxxed professionals and do nightly calls if people have questions. For fun, we do pickle back shots. This is not a meme token, so don’t expect a instant 100x. Most importantly, the liquidity is being locked ….. indefinitely.

TLDR: First crypto to enter the food industry.





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