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Hi all,

To kick off my Patreon, I posted a free Chainlink due diligence report. For those of you who don’t want to check out the report, here is a quick summary of my findings:

This project, being one of the highest profile top 30 coins, has access to the best talent in the industry, and if Sergey Nazarov really is Satoshi Nakamoto, then Chainlink certainly has an impressive team behind it. If that weren’t enough, it has one of the most viable use cases of any coin in existence and truly is critical to the success of digital assets. The launch allocated the coins fairly (much less was allocated to the company than on some other projects) and the maximum supply is nice to see as it is conducive to price appreciation. Conversely, it remains to be seen if a fixed supply will be successful for a transactional coin of this type since early investors will end up holding most of the purchasing power. The project is dominant within it’s category and has garnered strong support from investors, which propelled it higher than many other top 30 coins during the most recent bull run. With that said, LINK is still coupled with BTC, and proved not to be immune to the crypto bear market, still getting plowed harder than Bill Gates’ 269,000 acre farmland portfolio and giving up most of its 2021 gains.

Chainlink has been awarded a total score of 48/60 (80%), categorizing this coin as a strong buy with a price expectation during the next bull run of between $86.67 and $114.32 USD.

The whole report can be found here

Chainlink CMC link:

I hope some people find value in this, or at the very least get a good laugh out of it, as the goal is for the reports to be entertaining as well as informational.

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