Froge, the future of passive income? : altcoin

47 (Froge) launched fairly on the Ethereum network two months ago. Froge is the worlds first ecodefi and aims to change the crypto landscape with a hardwired donation wallet to support the rainforests and fight climate change.

Froge is a great way to collect passive income as well: the contract has integrated that every holder gets 1% redistribution every buy/sell/transfer.

In these two months, the team has already set a lot of milestones. Some of them:

  • Tracked listings at CoinmarketCap and CG

  • Froge partnered with Unitrade and bridged to the BSC

  • Almost 6,000 holders on ETH and BSC side

  • Currently undergoing an audit by Certik

  • CEX listings at Bilaxy and WhiteBIT, with Hotbit coming up this Friday

Come to Froge for the good investment, stay for the environment and the community.

Contract addresses:

Ethereum: 0x29502fe4d233ef0b45c3647101fa1252ce0634bd BSC: 0x93ab30c08421750d5c7993fb621c6ff32fe3f89e

Reddit: Telegram: CoinmarketCap:

Buy links/social links/charts can be found on

Any questions can be asked here or in our community Telegram!

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