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Listen to the inside track on Get Protocol the blockchain and NFT ticketing solution.

Get Protocol (GET)

GET Protocol offers a blockchain-based smart ticketing solution that can be used by everybody who needs to issue admission tickets in an honest and transparent way. It has sold nearly 1m tickets since inception and last month alone sold tickets at 163 events around the world, no mean feat considering the coronavirus factor.

This is a unique opportunity to hear from a crypto project that has outlasted its blockchain competitors and now leads the field.

  • Why NFTs are perfect for ticketing

  • Competing head on with legacy ticketing players and winning

  • Inside story on growth and international expansion

  • Favorite cryptocurrencies

  • The prediction for the next big thing in crypto

A series of podcasts presented by crypto influencers. Other topics include:

  • Decentralized storage

  • Domain names on the blockchain

  • DeFi apps

  • Decentralized exchanges

  • Decentralized energy transfer

  • Social networking on the blockchain

  • Ticketing on the blockchain

  • Raising money through an IDO launchpad

  • Non fungible tokens (NFTs)

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This podcast should not be taken as investment advice. We do not pay or receive payment from our guests.

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