By now, you’ve probably seen a lot of projects touting how passive income is the best right now, while also promising a huge APY if you want to stake. However, I would categorically state that the vast majority of them are simply looking for newbies to rip off, and you should avoid becoming one of their victims. I agree that, given the current market conditions, having a passive source of income is one of the best options, but it depends on the project. So, here’s my two cents on the projects you should think about, and don’t just jump into any new project that claims to offer heaven and earth.

If you like CEX staking, I’d recommend Binance staking, which offers a low APY but is sustainable, which is preferable to losing your assets on projects that promise high returns but rarely materialize. Not to mention the Cronos supercharger, which is another safe haven where you can earn passively.

On the other hand, Have you tried Elrond’s Maiar Exchange yet, for those who prefer staking on DEXs? Although there are other good DEXs like Uniswap and Pancakeswap, amongst others, I’ll be focusing on it because I’m more familiar with it.

So there are several passive income options in Maiar exchange, ranging from farming yield options to providing liquidity. Zpay, Ride, Itheum, and Utrust were all listed on the Maiar exchange this year. And you can earn passively from them. Utrust, as the most recent listing, will offer a variety of passive income opportunities, including metabonding (of various web3 projects in which Zpay is also involved), metastaking, and onchain staking. Some of the above-mentioned earning opportunities are still in the works btw. Stable coin staking is also a viable option, but Luna’s Anchor caused most people to abandon the idea entirely. As I previously stated, before diving headfirst into any project, always conduct thorough research.

Do you have any questions or inputs? I would love to hear them and I’m hoping that this thread will assist the majority of newbies in making informed decisions when looking for passive income opportunities.

Binance Cronos Utrust

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