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Ethereum gas fees are expensive if you’re making a complicated transaction like interacting with a smart contract, especially during times of congestion. This can sometimes create a barrier to entry for people looking to develop or test their dApps, or when the mempool is full, cost a fortune to use the chain for DeFi or minting and trading NFTs

EGEM has been active since 2018 and we have flown under the radar since. We recently released an update on the state of our project

If you’re looking to get into building smart contracts we are the perfect place to gain the experience and grow your skillset. If you are an experienced developer we welcome you to test your contracts on our chain before publishing to a more prominent chain. Our community is always excited to beta test dApps as well

We also provide a faucet to get people started with EGEM on the chain:

Currently even complicated transactions cost fractions of a cent. Our own team showed this back in December:

If you are interested in developing on or using EGEM you can visit our discord at – Our devs are always on hand to help users and developers where we can.

We are listed on CMC and GC

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