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Updated positions (Check below for BULLISH NEWS):

$LGBT market cap My initial investment What my investment is worth now $LGBT Holder Count
$1,072,240.02 $1,300 $2,350.39 3,797
– $LGBT HAS SPORTS BETTING IN THIER TELEGRAM!! Telegram link is posted below!
– Both $LGB (NOT $LGBT) and $FJB have tanked in market cap tremendously. $LGB was rugged and $FJB is down to $12 million market cap (down from over $100 million). $LGBT holder count is growing FAST
– $LGBT is FIRST “Brandon” Token to be verified on the new Truth Social platform. They already got over 3,000 followers!
BULLISH: Loza Alexander (Conservative Rapper) has just partnered with the $LGBT Management team and will be promoting $LGBT in each of their YouTube/Instagram videos
– KillWill has partnered with $LGBT Management team and will be promoting $LGBT as well
– TokenBlackGuyUSA (conservative tiktok influencer) has also just partnered with $LGBT Management team and will be promoting $LGBT as well
ULTRA BULLISH: Grant Stinchfield (NewsMax Anchor) has partnered with $LGBT Management to promote $LGBT

Check out my due diligence here. It provide my thoughts and why I decided to invest into it for a potential 100x return.

Note: Marketcaps and amounts are all at the time of this writing. Also, I am not politically associated with the token, I just want to make some money haha.

Hi All,

Just providing the daily update. I think $LGBT is highly undervalued (not financial advice), but I’m invested.



transaction: 0x0ddc67a1645e19bc28402173b0dc5db56c8bd5671bfb8474011c4fa6075d2f66

Coin Market Cap:

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