SPX6900 skyrockets in 24 hours, yet Meme Kombat’s presale is poised for a meteoric rise


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SPX6900 has been on its road to recovery after its significant price drop in September. The token’s price has increased by over 4% in the last 24 hours, leaving it at a price of $0.014 per token. 

The SPX6900 price rally comes alongside a decent market recovery that has seen Bitcoin break the $28,000 mark and Ethereum trying to hold support at around $1,500. As the year enters its last few months, experts believe altcoins like SPX6900 will attract investors as their selling pressure reduces. 

But what does the market really say amid a new market-breaking presale? Let’s find out. 

SPX6900 Aims For a 24-Hour Double Digit Growth: Breaking New Support Levels?

According to data from Dextools, SPX6900 is currently trading at $0.014, up 9.39% in the last 24 hours. However, it has not been a smooth green run for the token. There have been significant upward and downward price movements, as shown in the image below.

The sporadic green candlesticks followed by red ones suggest that SPX6900 is trying to break new support levels and reach a new exchange price. But the price surge has resulted in a 96.4% rise in SPX6900’s trading volume, sitting at over $1.8 million at press time. 

The 24-hour technical analysis also reflects the token’s current bullish trend. The moving averages (MA) show a “Strong Buy” at 9, and the market summary indicates a “Buy” at 10. The exponential moving average shows a “Buy” action, and the volume weighted moving average at 20 also agrees the bulls are in control. 

Interestingly, the recent price pump has left the SPX6900 community buzzing on Twitter.

SPX6900 is a low market cap altcoin. However, the 24-hour SPX6900 price surge didn’t come as a surprise. The token’s rally began over a month ago. Data from CoinMaketCap shows that the coin’s value has grown by over 309% in the last 30 days and has recorded a 31.74% growth over the previous 7 days.

If SPX6900 continues to rally, it may reach new highs and record double-digit 24-hour growths over the coming days. So, investors may rake in significant profits by buying or holding their SPX6900 tokens. However, having a diversified portfolio is a wise move to hedge against losses. 

Meme Kombat: The Alternative Investment Opportunity

Investors looking to extend their views beyond SPX6900 can opt for Meme Kombat. The new crypto project takes Web3 gaming to the next level with its unique features, including a metaverse-based meme game for bettors. 

On Meme Kombat, gamers (called fighters) can access various fighters, represented by memes, and play against other players for real prizes. However, the project’s fun part isn’t the only attraction, as Meme Kombat has warmed its way into investors’ hearts with its staking feature. 

You can lock up your $MK tokens on the platform for up to 112% annual percentage yield (APY). On top of that, the project has a valid and transparent result-generation system that ensures results are random using blockchain technology. 

Overall, Meme Kombat stands out from similar metaverse gaming projects because of its approach to Web3 online betting. The project is ideal for online gamers and passive-staking investors. 

With a recent Twitter announcement that the platform’s staking dashboard will soon be live, there’s excitement within the Meme Kombat community. And with more future developments, it’s safe to say $MK is the next coin to explode. 

Meme Kombat Raises XXXX: Gears For a Historic Presale  

To usher in the new world of Web3 gaming and online betting laid out in its project roadmap, Meme Kombat is hosting a live presale. The ongoing presale offers investors the chance to join the budding Meme Kombat community through one of the best ERC-20 tokens – and enjoy a world of fun and investing in one place. 

The Meme Kombat presale has raised XXXX at press time. The successful milestones from the presale are signs of how much interest the project has garnered. In other words, numerous opportunities abound in the Meme Kombat world, and only those who are part of the project will enjoy these perks. 

You can join the Meme Kombat presale here and buy at a discounted rate of $0.1667 each. Meme Kombat will start rewarding you immediately after staking your coins, so you don’t have to wait until the project fully launches. Join the presale now before the next price increase. 



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