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Revolving around the concept of the iconic game of Monopoly, Monopolon is the first-ever futuristic gamefi project. It is inspired by successful games like Axie infinity and Carbada and combines the two worlds of PVP (Player versus Player) and PvE (Player versus Environment) gameplay modes. It is a game accessible to everyone with low entry costs and aims to provide all the investors, suppliers, and players with an opportunity to generate income-based performance. Monopolon is nothing short of a revolution in the crypto world!


Monopolon aims to become the next leading gamefi metaverse and a game that allows the users to earn NFTs by playing and an experience that is worth their time. Monopolon wants to make each user a winner apart from building actual wealth from virtual opulence!

A game of the future

Monopolon is a fun and futuristic game with great complexity and depth. It is designed with a blockchain-powered decentralized ecosystem in which gamers’ actions regulate the development of the game with the help of a decentralized autonomous organization. Through NFTs as the game’s equipment and Defi elements empowering world-building, it is an exciting beginning for what games would be like in the near future.

Play to earn

The idea of Monopolon is to combine simple games that we played while growing up with a play-to-earn model. The integration of NFTs that are exclusive and usable in the game allows the player to access multiple profit-making channels. With the best strategies of the best team, you can climb the stairs of unlocking many sky-high rewards. 

Gaming mechanism

There is no one particular way to play the game but endless possibilities and ways to play and earn from them. Monopolon is suitable for everyone- an active player or an idle player.

Get started: The player starts with rolling a D6 dice on a game board of 125 tiles. The grid that they land on will tell the activity they interact with. There is one freeroll for a day, but players can buy through digital currencies.


  1. Factions: A base HQ is established in one of the tiles within the player’s faction space. Here, the player will build the base and upgrade the collection throughout their game. When an enemy player lands on this tile, they can invade the player’s HQ for some resources. And if the players are successful in defending their headquarters continuously for a week, the remaining loot is kept by them for the entire week.
  2. Mining: Players can enter the mining game mode once a week from their HQ. They gain massive rewards by attacking mineral deposits and, at the same time fighting with monsters that distract them. 

After starting the activity, the player enters the session up to three times in a window of 2 hours. Sessions are based on a 5-minute timer at the ground level but can be extended. These sessions are graded up to three stars and bonus rewards.

Invasions: When an enemy HQ lands on a player mine, you get the option of attacking them in invasion mode. The goal for the player here is to either damage the enemy mine or defeat the defending party.                                                    

If all the enemies are defeated, players gain full reward; otherwise, they gain equal to the damage done. Again, there is a 2-hour window for players to attack three either the same or different HQs. The session ends after 5 minutes or if the party is defeated.

1.) Marko the Wizard of Meta City

2.) Zack, the Chief of Cultural City

3.) Eden, the Mayor of Space City

4.) Mazaguji the Magnate of Sakura City

5.) CZI the Conqueror of Crypto City

1.) Mining Destroyer

2.) Cash Machine Gun

3.) Book of Wisdom

4.) Globe of Connection

5.) Rocket of Ttrollheim

1.) DEX- Affects the attack speed of a hero

2.) HP- Affects the max health of a hero.

3.) LUK-Affects the cric chance or the chance to proc a passive

4.) MP-Affects the mining power of a hero

5.) PREP-Affects the combat timer of a match

6.) STR-Affects the damage of a hero

Currencies of Monopolon:

MLON Token

The native digital currency of Monopolon is MLON. It aims to allow players to purchase NFT characters and build platform governance for the game. Other uses of MLON are:

  1. Name bans and other miscellaneous decisions
  2. Game rebalancing
  3. Rewards distribution(DAO)
  4. Empower gamers to make key decisions based on voting.
  5. Coining character NFTs

    MGM Token
    The reward currency of Monopolon is MGM. The main aim of it is to allow players to buy game utility items. Other uses of MGM are:
  1. To purchase in-game credit
  2. To purchase NFT equipment and item rolls
  3. Fusing and upgrading of NFT equipment


Economics of Monopolon: The economics of the game is to have consistent growth of the price of MLON and MGM. While MLON is used to buy or sell NFTs in the game, MGM is generated through mining, looting, and farming in the game. With the setting up of a liquidity pool between MGM and USDT and when the demand of MLON will be more than the supply, each party associated with the game- investors, players, and the company will be benefitted.

Conclusion: Within the metaverse of Monopolon, five of the world’s greatest leaders compete for dominance in the web world. The design of DAO is to empower creativity and fairness and to express their ideas to the public in the metaverse while enjoying economic opportunities. A one-of-a-kind hybrid ecosystem model with unparalleled innovation, Monopolon becomes a long-term sustainable gamefi concept by integrating traditional and decentralized finance.



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