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Feed has partnered with Rachel Siegel (@CryptoFinally) to help spread the word about FEED’s mission, FEED the World.

A new PR agency has been hired.

Marketing campaign with important Spanish-speaking influencers, to reach all of Latin America and Spain with FEED will begin. This is to make the FEED project known to the general public, as well as a more direct action to crypto investors. Who are they? Evangelina Anderson, Lionel Ferro, Romina Malaspina, Merakio, Stephanie Demner. Reaching a total of 15.5 million followers on their social media profiles

Again, on marketing campaigns, FEED will start a campaign with famous celebrities worldwide to spread the project around the world.

A new digital marketing and positioning agency has been hired to obtain an organic and real growth of its social networks.

Website will take a new shape soon. The team is trying to develop something eye-catching and more user friendly.

Several solutions to make it easier to invest in FEED for people who are not used to investing in cryptocurrencies have been looked at. (working on it, people will be able to buy FEED with FIAT directly without all the intermediate steps).

Lastly, Feed is determined to team up with prestigious associations fighting against hunger.

These marketing plans only prove that Feed is a long-term project and they want to build a solid ecosystem while building its foundation. Whatsapp, YouTube, Tiktok, and other social media marketing campaigns are currently ongoing. The token is currently at a solid entry point ($0.0175 = $1.7million MC) That said, I see another bullish run. Let’s make the most out of FEED’s good store of value.









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