TAMA Bulls Regroup At $0.0225

TAMA Bulls Regroup At alt=

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Tamadoge buyers fail to withstand the massive pressure on the $0.023 support price. This makes them shift ground to the next lower support level. The regrouping of the bulls at $0.022 will give them the advantage to reclaim their ground in the market.

Tamadoge Market Price Statistic:

  • TAMA/USD price now: $0.022
  • TAMA/USD market cap: $35,230,055
  • TAMA/USD circulating supply:1.05Billion
  • TAMA/USD total supply: 1,049,733,333
  • TAMA/USD coin market ranking: #2637

Key Levels

  • Resistance: $0.0255, $0.0260, $0.0270, 
  • Support: $0.0220, $0.0210, $0.0200

Tamadoge Market Price Analysis: The Indicators’ Point of View

As the bulls yielded their ground to the selling pressure in the early part of today’s trading session, there were reactions on both the upper band and the lower band of the Bollinger indicator. This means bulls are still strong to drive the price upward. They are holding firmly to their new support price level. Now at around the latest trading sessions, we noticed the contraction of the upper and lower band of the indicator. This signals a bullish breakout as both the forces of demand and the forces of supply get evenly matched

Tamadoge: TAMA/USD 5-Minute Chart Outlook  

 From this point of view, we can see that Tamadoge support level remains a strong brick wall. The bearish price continues to be rejected as several attempts were made to bring the price lower than this level. With such a strong support price level like this one, the price of TAMA is expected to have a strong bullish price breakout. The price is expected soon to hit $0.0024.  

Tamadoge has a fully transparent 10-year plan, and to achieve its goals, They have employed a seasoned development team to make sure they deliver on all its promises.


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