The Atbash Protocol will soon be offering you the opportunity to buy property at 50% off : altcoin


The BASH token will allow the Atbash Protocol to provide assistance for the purchase of properties, supplies, business start-up capital and property improvement all while still providing a substantial APY for investors & liquidity providers alike.

The Atbash Protocol will provide a means for people to engage in transactions that meet their real-world needs like property, shopping, lines of credit, small business financing, career mentoring and many others including housing grants.

Every BASH token is backed by a treasury in order to give the token a value which its price cannot fall below. The Atbash Treasury plans on holding ETH, DAI, USDC, USDT and other crypto in order to provide value, stability & the ability to offer the utilities of the BASH token.

White Paper


Link to the latest AMA from August 2nd 2022

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