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The Fx mainnet was launched a month ago developed by Pundi X bringing new and fresh opportunities into the crypto space. The Fx mainnet launch consist out of 3 stages: 1 Governance of Fx core 2 XPOS on Fxcore 3 DEXes, multi-chains, synthetic tokens, multivalidators. It’s currently in the first stage

Basic info

Rather than building an ecosystem that competes with Ethereum, Function x aims to leverage on its strengths, for example, by providing asset aggregation contracts, connecting to Ethereum smart contracts, and generating interest at the same time in both (and more) chains. While leveraging the existing Ethereum infrastructure, at the same time Fx core provides an environment with higher speed and cheaper fees. the aim of Fx ecosystem is to create a decentralized network that does not rely on any individual, organization and structure.

Fxcore & cross-chain

In the heart of the ecosystem is the Fxcore and it’s the interlink of all assets and cross-chains. That’s right, the ecosystem will support internally cross-chain with ETH chain, BNB chain, Fx chains and more. Between the Fxcore and chains is a cross-chain bridge connecting it all together.

$Fx coin, validator & delegator

The Fx coin empower the ecosystem. Fx holders can participate in verifying block creation and receive block rewards via delegation to secure the network with 20 initial company-hosted validators (later will open to public validators once the operation of the mainnet is mature). The delegation of Fx coins is neither staking nor depositing, it is the act of securing the security of the network through participating in the block validation. At time of writing is a apy of 60,92%.


Fxwallet is a non-custodial, decentralized wallet app that supports inter-chain and cross-chain transactions on multiple blockchain networks as well as providing decentralized finance services. The place to HODL your crypto assets, delegate Fx coins and where your tokens are really yours. Great private wallet app. Remember: not your keys, not your coins.

If you read this post with interest i suggest to research further into the project bc it’s very promising & countless potential.


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