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The week saw cause for optimism when the market rallied only to fall back to the same level as the beginning of the week. Market sentiment still languishes at Extreme Fear and although well informed commentators don’t understand why crypto is suffering on the back of planned interest rate hikes and high inflation it is what it is. The turbulent times are not going away just yet.

It was a pretty indifferent week for our Micro Cap Watch List with a few winners and a similar number of losers.

The main development within our list is at the project SPIN. They have decided to relaunch their platform including a betting function to go with their lottery. That means all investors will receive an airdrop of the new token plus 10%.

The main winners this week were:

ICHI +59%

Yield App +39%

The main losers this week were:

Lunch Money -42%

CertiK -26%

Rentible -20%

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Inside Track

This week we released a new Inside Track podcast from ICHI, the stablecoin platform that has facilitated stablecoins for the likes of Filecoin and Chainlink. The CEO talks about the launch of their Angel Vault, an enhancement on the DEX. You can listen to the episode here

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