Why GARLICOIN (GRLC) will be the next DOGE (10x gains


Let me start this article by emphasizing that GRLC is a memecoin. It does not have any functionality that makes it better or new. If you’re looking for an innovative new alt-coin, this is not it.

BUT, as we’ve seen recently with Dogecoin, even memecoins can give tremendous profits.

If you’d gotten into DOGE in early April you’d have 8xd your money in a week. This is for people who are willing to take a little risk to secure 10x or 20x profits.

Here’s why I think Garlicoin will be the next doge:

Doge is dead and people are looking for another coin to hop into:

  • The hype surrounding DOGE was all in anticipation of 4/20. On 4/20 (yesterday for those of you who forgot what day it is) it dropped about 25%, and looks like it will continue to drop. (Buy the rumor, sell the news).

  • The crypto market overall is down. The coin with the most hype in the past week was easily DOGE coin, a meme coin. At this point in the bull run, lots of people aren’t looking at fundamentals, they just want the potential to make huge gains.

  • Garlicoin has that potential. Fundamentally, is does nothing special (as expected with a meme coin). But as people look for the next meme coin, I think they will eventually filter into Garlicoin for the reasons listed below.

Garlicoin has gotten a lot of traction recently

Garlicoin has lots of upcoming releases

  • One of the main causes of cryptos pumping is news and upcoming releases. Garlicoin has lots of releases and improvements planned for the next few months, including:

    • Releasing a retro video game

    • Creating a mobile wallet

    • Documentation redesign

    • New core releases (source: https://garlicoin.io/)

Unlike DOGE, it has a limited supply

  • It has a circulating supply of 63,033,056 GRLC, with a max supply of 69 million (nice).

  • This means it is a stable asset to hold and will not lose value over time like DOGE or fiat currency


Garlicoin will be the next HUGE memecoin. Could easily foresee 10x profits in less than a month. Buy now to lock in tendies.

CMC link: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/garlicoin/

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